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What is the Follow Feed?

Definitions Updated on July 24, 2017

The follow feed updates on all of the actions and activity that has happened to records that you are following.

To follow a record:

  1. Navigate to a record
  2. On the top of the Record Detail Page, click the FOLLOW button.

Scenarios of following records.

  1. What kind of records can I follow?

    • You can follow any record that your assigned profile allows you to view. Assuming your profile allows access to all modules, you could follow all or individual:

      • Leads
      • Contacts
      • Organizations
      • Opportunities
      • Support Tickets
      • Activities
      • Projects
  2. Do I automatically follow records I own?

    • You do not automatically follow records. The record owner will need to follow the record to get updates.
  3. Can other users follow my records? Can I follow other users records?

    • Other users can follow your records. However, the ability to follow a record is entirely dependent on your permission to view the record
    • The rule is pretty simple: if you can see a record detail, then you can click follow to start following it.
  4. How can I prevent other users from following my records?

    • You can talk to an account admin user to modify permissions for your account.
  5. What happens if my permission to view a record changes so that I can no longer view the record? Can I still view updates in my follow feed?

    • No. Whenever permissions to view a record is revoked, then the following relationship is also broken.
    • If your sharing settings, role or a sharing rule changes so that you again may view that record, you must click its follow button again to restart following it.

How do I access the follow feed?

  • Log in
  • Navigate to your home page
  • Click on the FOLLOWING button

If you have questions or concerns, regarding this feature please send us a message or contact us via Chat.

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