What are the Default CRM Reports?

Your Benchmark CRM account holds Default Reports to help you manage your data in a more effective manner. These Reports are contained in report folders for the various record types the CRM has available. You can also create and customize your own Reports to best fit your organization’s needs.

Below is a list of the Default CRM Reports available:

Activity Reports

  • Weekly Calls made – See all the calls made during a specific week.
  • Today’s Calls – see all the calls for your company, sorted by owner
  • Task and Events – see all the task and event activities for your company, sorted by activity owner

activity reports


Lead Reports

  • Converted Leads – A list of leads that have been converted to contacts, opportunities and organizations
  • Leads by Industry – a nice summary report that groups your leads by their reported industry type
  • Leads by Owner – see your company’s leads sorted by record owner
  • Leads by Source – a summary report that groups your leads by their reported sources
  • Leads by Status – a summary report that groups your leads by their reported status


Opportunity Reports

  • Lost Opportunities – lists only those that have a “closed lost” status
  • Open Opportunities – lists all those whose status not “closed lost” or “closed won”
  • Opportunities by Stage – groups opportunities by their various milestone/stages
  • Opportunities by Type – groups opportunities by their reported type
  • Opportunities Closing this Month – shows the opportunities that are expected to close in the calendar month
  • Pipeline by Probability – by seeing your opportunities by their probabilities helps you gauge the possible revenue for your company
  • Sales by Lead Source – groups opportunities by their sources
  • Salesperson Performance – shows all the won opportunities, grouped by owner (salesperson)
  • This Month’s Sales – shows the “closed won” opportunities whose expected date was in the calendar month
  • Today’s Sales – shows the “closed won” opportunities whose expected date is today


People and Organization Reports

  • Contact Mailing List – shows all your contacts and their phone, email and mail details
  • Key Organizations – shows the organization with whom you do business and their opportunities
  • Organizations by Industry – a summary report that groups your organizations by their reported industry

record people and organization

Project Reports

  • Closed Projects – all your closed projects listed
  • Open Projects – all your open projects


default records

Utilizing Default Reports to store data will help you have access and availability for better management.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our Support team via email.