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I didn’t get my activation email

CRM 101 Login and Passwords Updated on April 8, 2019

If you didn’t receive an activation email, you can follow the below mentioned steps:

The email is still on the way.

Sometimes due to internet traffic or network issues, email delivery can take some time. It depends on the internet traffic and the reception of the ISP. During holidays and peak sending times, it is possible to witness this delay.

Check your spam, junk or bulk email file

There are countless ways email service providers sort incoming emails. Because these sorting rules are not fixed, important emails might wrongly placed into your spam or bulk mailbox. Check those mailboxes to see if your verification email is in there.

Is your mailbox service is blocking emails from us

It is possible that some of the email service providers might be deferring or not accepting certain type of emails. If the email is bounced, it won’t show up in even in your spam box. Benchmark has an extremely low bounce rate, however, if you suspect of it, please contact our email engagement specialists for assistance.

Send us a verification request

If you activation email never shows up, we request you to just send us an activation request on support@benchmarkcrm.com from the registered email address on your account with the word “Account activation request” in the subject line.

Once our support team verifies your email address, we will send you a direct activation link on your registered email address. You can use the link and activate and start using the account.

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