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How to Merge Existing Contacts, Leads and organizations?

Records Updated on July 5, 2019

There are cases where your list might contain duplicate email addresses, or the database has multiple leads with same contact details or multiple records for the same organization. Benchmark CRM allows you to find and merge these duplicated records. Following are the steps to find and merge duplicate Contacts. The same steps can be followed for Leads and Organizations.

  1. From the left navigation, select Contacts.
  2. Choose the Contact you would like to merge.
  3. Click on the More Options icon.
  4. Select Merge Duplicates.

  5. On the Search Criteria page, select Meets any Conditions or Meets all Conditions and click the Search For Duplicates button. You can click on “select” from the dropdown to avoid using an option.

  6. Choose the Contacts you want to be merged. Do not click on the Contact name, as this will redirect you back to that specific contact page. 
  7. Now click the Merge Fields button. 
  8. On the Merge Fields page, select which data should be kept for the new master record or choose to Select All
  9. Click on the Merge button.
  10. On the popup provided, choose the Confirm button.

Similar to the above steps for Contacts, the following modules also support Find and Merge option in your Benchmark CRM account. 

  • Leads
  • Organizations


  • You must select at least two records to merge. 
  • Merging records is not reversible
  • Only the master record is retained along with your selections for the merged data.
  • All activity will be merged to the master record. 
  • The abandoned records will not appear in the recycle bin.

If you still need further assistance, please make sure you contact our Support Team via email or chat.

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