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Integrating your Benchmark CRM account with Benchmark Email

Importing Data: from Benchmark Email Integrations Updated on October 24, 2019

Integrate your Benchmark CRM with your Benchmark Email account and easily push views (list of records from your CRM) into any contact list in Benchmark. Learn how to integrate here!

Benefits of integrating Benchmark CRM with Benchmark:  

  • Use API Sync to do a one time import of a Benchmark list into your CRM contacts or leads records. You can also set the sync to be continuously so that new contacts added to your Benchmark list via a Signup form, automatically create new CRM leads or contacts.
  • Create new email marketing lists from any CRM contact or lead view.
  • If you’re on a CRM contact or lead record, clicking its email opt-out will add that contact’s email address to your Benchmark Email Master Unsubscribe List. This stops the contact or lead from receiving any more email marketing, even if they are on your email marketing lists.
  • If a contact clicks the unsubscribe link in your Benchmark campaigns, they will be opted-out of one-to-one emails in the CRM. You’ll know this because their email address will turn red when you compose an email. (This can be manually overridden temporarily if you still need to send a personal email in the CRM).
  • Sync your most engaged contacts from Benchmark Email by creating the feature Email Marketing Rating. This feature pulls in all 2 Star and above contacts from your Benchmark Email lists automatically.

To learn how to integrate your Benchmark CRM with Benchmark, please follow the steps below:

Step 1 Benchmark Email

  1. Log in to your Benchmark Email account
  2. Select Integrations from the username
  3. Select API Key on the left Navigation.
  4. You’ll now find the unique API key for your Benchmark Account.
  5. Copy your API Key

Step 2: Benchmark CRM account’s user profile

  1. Sign into your Benchmark CRM account
  2. Select Settings from the Username dropdown menu.

  3. Scroll down and select Integration Import.

  4. Then click on the New Import button.

  5. Now, choose the Benchmark Integration from the dropdown menu.
  6. Then, click on the Edit button.
  7. Now, paste in your Benchmark API Key
  8. Click the Connect button. 
  9. Select the Benchmark list you want synced with your CRM account.
  10. Next, choose the type of Module that these emails will identify with. Contacts or Leads. 
  11. Check the Always fetch new records box to sync your contacts constantly. If you would like your contacts to be pulled once, uncheck the box.
  12. Click Save & Next.

  13. Now, map your Benchmark fields to your CRM fields. 
  14. Click Save & Finish.

Now, your accounts should be integrated. Your data will now be imported, please allow a few minutes for your data to appear in your CRM account.

In the Account Settings page, you can view your connected integration. 

To edit your connection:

  1. From the Account Settings page, click on the Integrations Import option.
  2. Locate the integration you’d like to edit and click on the More Options icon.
  3. Select Edit.

  4. Toggle the slider from blue to gray to deactivate the sync. 
  5. You can edit the name of your sync in the sync name space provided. 
  6. Click Save when done. 
  7. To delete the sync, click the More Options icon and select delete. 

Note: If your sync is active the status of your sync will show as Running. If your sync is disabled, the status will show Inactive

You must have a paid CRM plan to integrate the two accounts.

However, this CRM version will no longer be supported come 2020. We will be releasing a new version, to join the waiting list, please click here.

If you have further questions on how to integrate your Benchmark Email account with your Benchmark CRM, please feel free to contact us by email.

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