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How to customize your views

Customization Updated on November 2, 2017

Depending on your industry your Views will be different, your Views will allow you to see specific contacts. For example, let’s say you want to see contacts who are on Free plans. You could create a View only for those contacts, now it does not have to be specific to plan status or size. The views are created based on contact details.

Go to the page you want to create your view in. The example below is generated from the Contacts Page.

1. Click on View on the right of the page.

2. Then click Create a New View


You will see 2 columns, Available Columns and Selected Columns.  Available columns are all those fields you can use, and Selected columns are the ones you are already using.

  1. From the Available columns select the fields/conditions you want to use and drag them into the Selected Column.
  2. Nexts select Conditions for your view, Meets all or Meets Any.
  3. Name your View and Save


How to create a View in the Homepage.


First things first you will have to locate the Add View button (right of the page) then click on this option. If you do not see Add View then click on the Views button. 

1.Give your View a name.

2.Then select your Module such as Leads, Organizations, Contacts, Opportunities, Support Tickets, Activities or Projects.

3. Choose View- Will enable you to select from a view already created for the Module selected.

4. Click Save or the Check Mark

You will then select the Conditions, how you will filter your view.

Meets any Conditions will allow you to be specific with the contacts who will show up in your view.

Meets all Conditions will show anyone who matches the Selected Columns.

Make sure you save and you are done. 

Note only the Homepage shows Add View at all times, other pages will show Views.

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