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How to create GDPR compliant Webforms?

Records Updated on May 15, 2018

The GDPR mentions that the consent should be given by a clear affirmative act establishing a freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of the data subject’s agreement and should cover all processing activities carried out for the same purpose or purposes. When the processing has multiple purposes, consent should be given for all of them.

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In addition, where processing is based on the data subject’s consent, the controller should be able to demonstrate that the data subject has given consent to the processing operation.

Benchmark CRM allows you to create GDPR compliant web form using custom fields.

GDPR compliant WebForms

Creating GDPR compliant web forms using Benchmark CRM is a 2 step process.

Step 1 Creating and activating a Custom checkbox field.

  1. Click on the Avatar to get the drop-down menu and select “Settings.
  2. On the settings page, under Customization, Select Fields.
  3. Once on the Fields page, click on the “New Custom field” button.
  4. Select “checkbox” field type from the drop-down menu
  5. Add a Label to the field you want to create.
  6. Select the module types under which you want this custom field to be created.
  7. Click on the  button to save and proceed.
  8. Once the field is created, to activate, select layouts from the left menu.
  9. Select the module your new field is in, and you will see the inactive fields on the left block and active fields on the right.
  10. Drag and drop the inactive field to the right section in order to activate it.
  11. You can click on the small lock next to the field in order to make it a mandatory field.
  12. When done click on the  button.

Step 2 
Creating Web form using Custom Fields.

  1. From the left navigation, select forms. Select the module you want to create the webforms/lead capture forms.
  2. Once the module is selected, use the “Create Form” to create a new web form. This might say Create Lead/Contact/support ticket Forms on the basis of the module selected.
  3. On the form design page, drag and place the custom design created on the form.
  4. Hover on the placed field and click on “Edit”.
  5. Edit the Label requesting consent from the subscriber.
  6. Under Required Field option, mark it as “Yes” and click on the green check button to save the changes.
  7. You can click on the Preview button at the top to see how your web form will look once published.
  8. Once the design is finalized, click to save the design and move to the next step.
  9. On the owner assignment page you can customize the assignment of leads/contacts, once done, click on the check button in order to move to the next step.
  10. Form details page will allow you to

    • Rename the form ( this will be for your reference and will not be shown to the subscribers).
    • Customise the landing page once someone subscribes using this web form.
    • Location where you want to host this web form.
    • Add tags to each record created under Contacts/Leads/Support Ticket

  11. Once you save the above details, you will receive the HTML code for the web form. On the drop-down menu, you can select from HTML or HTML+iFrame codes. You can publish the codes on the web pages, you want the web-form to be placed.

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