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How do I edit a field?

Customization Updated on April 21, 2017

A field is defined by its title, type, category, description, and possibly a default value or some allowed values. The title is used everywhere to refer to the field in the user interface.

Edit Field option allows admin to edit specific type of field for this specific module, these changes will be available to all users of CRM account (if field is active). Please note that:

  • All custom fields can be edited
  • Only some default fields may be edited

In order to edit the field.

  • Click on settings from the drop down menu on avatar.

  • Once on settings page, under Customization select Field

  • Click on the edit button of the editable field.

  • On the edit page, there is an option of removing the existing (in case of pick list data type) and update new options.

Similarly, following are the field types which can be edited.

  • Currency : Label, length and position of decimal point can be edited
  • Text : Label of the field and length can be edited.
  • Textarea : Label only can be edited

If you still need further assistance please make sure you contact our support team.

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