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How do I create views from tags?

Customization Organization Settings Updated on February 9, 2018

With the Benchmark CRM, you can create customized views with the help of tags. Following are the steps to create new views using tags.

  1. Using the left navigation, select Leads/Contacts.
  2. Click on the views button on the right side of the window to open a drop down.
  3. Click on  ‘Create New View’ button.
  4. Select, Meets Any Condition or Meets all Conditions as per preference.
  5. Views with tags can be creating on following two basis

    1. Contains

    2. Doesn’t contains

  6. Once the conditions are created and saved. Add a new name to the view to save it.
  7. The CRM automatically selects the newly created view and shows the results accordingly.
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