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Export Records

Records Updated on December 12, 2018

To export records of any module from your CRM account, you first have to create a report. You can create reports for all the available modules.

To Generate a Report follow steps below:

  1. From the right navigator, select new report.

  2. Add the following details to create a report.
    1. Name of the report (mandatory field)
    2. Description of the report
    3. Select the folder
    4. The module of which the reports should be created
    5. Select related modules (if any)
  3. Select the type of report
    1. Tabular format
    2. Summary report
  4. Customize the columns needed by moving them from available to selected fields.
  5. Columns in total page calculates the numeric field selected for generating reports. (*helps when generating reports on opportunities).
    Note: If there are no numeric field types in the modules used in the report.

    1. The above step can be skipped. Conditions page allows adding conditions to focus your report on certain criteria.
    2. Click on the green checkbox below to generate the reports.
  6. Once the reports are generated, on the left top of the report, use the Export button which allows to export the records in .csv, .xlsx or .pdf file format.

If you have any issues exporting records please contact our support team.

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